I tasted loneliness that night on your lips
I felt fear in your hands on my hips
Somehow your face looked different in the drunken moonlight
We got lost in the same place
On the same summer night

And as we stumbled upstairs in the dark
It was a silent comfort, not a spark
And both of us were thinking of somebody else
We got lost in nostalgia
And the stories nostalgia tells

And I've seen
Around your heart you've build a wall
And I believe
That one day it will fall
But if I asked
Would you say you never loved me at all? 

Dawn came through the window and burned my eyes
I crept out quietly and didn't say goodbye
And when you woke
Did you reach for me and wonder where I'd gone? 
We got lost in the morning
Afraid to face each other
And admit that we'd moved on

© Isa Burke BMI