"One More Night" single premiere on Twangville!

We are SO excited to finally be sharing "One More Night," the first single from our forthcoming album, on the kickass music blog Twangville. It's one of seven tracks in a playlist of Boston-based artists including our pals Dietrich Strause, Mark Erelli, and Julie Rhodes! Reviewer Mayer Danzig says:

With one whispered harmony, new Boston-based trio Lula Wiles can stop you in your tracks. Their debut release has a mesmerizing charm, filled with songs that hearken back to the classic era of folk and country. Depending on the song you’ll hear echoes of Joan Baez and Hank Williams. Not a shabby pair of musical touchstones to have, for sure.

Lula Wiles will lull you in with breathtaking musical arrangements yet there are grey clouds overhanging their songs. Love fading and lost are recurring themes that the group tackles with candor and grace. Their use of simple language makes the lyrics immediately accessible yet it belies the sophistication that they convey.

Their songs are mostly of the genteel acoustic variety, all the better to showcase the beauty in their songwriting. Add in their exquisite harmonies and you’ve got a debut that makes quite a statement. Here’s to more great music to come from this talented trio.