Americanafest + All Songs Considered!

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We had quite a time at Americanafest in Nashville this past week – saw lots of friends, lots of great music, lots of friends making great music, and played two showcases of our own. Some folks from NPR Music saw us play, and were kind enough to feature us (and our song “One More Night”) in their “Best of Americanafest 2018” roundup for All Songs Considered!

Jewly Hight writes: "They won me over because they're virtuosic musicians, they have a great three-part vocal, and they just have such a clarity of perspective and tone of voice and such biting wit. They seem like young women who know their minds and flex their intellects, and really capture the awkwardness of contemporary communication." Listen to the piece here.

Our Southeast tour finishes up this week, check out our tour dates here!