"This album is a stunning collection of self-penned songs about love, loss, and drinking – the perfect blend of modern and timeless. From rich swells of fiddles to powerful honky-tonk guitar, all anchored by rocking bass, this album delivers one gem after another. In an age where so much music feels trite and phoned in, Lula Wiles emerges with their own unique blend of honest lyrics and gorgeous singing. Do yourselves a favor and listen to this record. Or better yet, see a live show."    – Aoife O'Donovan

"These young women [...] will be a huge force on the Americana music scene for many years to come. The chemistry they bring to the stage is a joy to behold."   – No Depression

"Lula Wiles are pushing the boundaries of Americana, crafting narrative lyrics that are just as detailed and complex as their tightly woven harmonies... The result is brilliant." – Sound of Boston

"The harmonies, the attitude, the musicianship. These 3 young ladies absolutely KILL it and do so without breaking a sweat... This trio is probably my personal favorite new act of the year."   – Red Line Roots

"With the harmonization of a well-performed experiment in human chemistry, the three young women behind this microphone are a testament to the classic sound of American songwriting."   – Otis Mountain Get Down

"With one whispered harmony, new Boston-based trio Lula Wiles can stop you in your tracks. Their debut release has a mesmerizing charm, filled with songs that hearken back to the classic era of folk and country."   – Mayer Danzig, Twangville

"An impressive, multi-talented, all-female group featuring tight soaring harmonies, clever songwriting, and an old-timey vibe"   – Glide Magazine

"A delicate balance between feverous passion and harmonious light and charm and grace... It's organic and raw in a way that is honest and real… It's just plain beauty incarnate."   – Red Line Roots

"[Lula] Wiles sincerely blew me away... Most bands project their sound and they project their message. What [Lula] Wiles did was kind of the opposite. They aren't trying to push their music. They invite people and if they like it, they listen a little closer."   – Bow Thayer, Cider Mag