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“The trio's second album, What Will We Do, displays a mastery of traditional styles and idioms … The trio belongs equally to the new generation of singer-songwriters who lean into personalized particularity and mine the complexity of their inner lives. It's Buckland, Burke and Obomsawin's skill at shifting and sharpening vantage points and fine-tuning tone and inflection that holds all these threads together.” - Jewly Hight, NPR Music First Listen

“Lula Wiles are provocateurs of the best kind, rabble-rousers with the purest intentions. One of the brightest recent signees to Smithsonian Folkways, […] it seems like they’re hellbent on stirring up folk conventions for the better. They make traditional roots music stacked with warm harmonies, acoustic expertise and the occasional electric element, but there’s nothing antiquated about the subject matter of their songs. The three women… sing with distinctly American voices, but they’re not afraid to question every single thing it means to be just that.” - Paste Magazine (and watch our Paste live session HERE)

“Burke, Buckland, and Obomsawin are warmly entwined on What Will We Do. Their voices move together easily as does their instrumentation: animated fiddles, sharply plucked banjos, and softly to vibrantly played guitars… What Will We Do is a thoughtful and compelling record that shows what keen songwriters and performers this trio are. The world is shaking beneath Lula Wiles’ feet, but they are in control of their artistry.”   – No Depression

“Lula Wiles has staked its place among the big-hearted, outspoken sisterhoods of country and folk music.” - Boston Globe

“Vocal harmonies that could make a Benedictine monk blush […] Boldly extending ideas of what traditional country should sound like. There are not many songs that do that nowadays that don't include a hip-hop beat and a horse.” - David Paradela, WGBH

"They're virtuosic musicians, they have a great three-part vocal, and they just have such a clarity of perspective and tone of voice and such biting wit. They seem like young women who know their minds and flex their intellects" – Jewly Hight, NPR Music

"Lula Wiles are pushing the boundaries of Americana, crafting narrative lyrics that are just as detailed and complex as their tightly woven harmonies... The result is brilliant." – Sound of Boston